I love traveling! I want to: keep better track of the trips that I’ve gone on, the food, destinations, highlights, and lowlights; take more pictures while traveling and curate and caption them; and have a centralized place to share my adventures with friends, family, or just those who are curious! This is going to be that place.

International Travel

I have been to:

  1. La Republica Dominicana – Punta Cana
  2. Mexico – Mexico, D.F. & Acapulco
  3. Canada – Two separate trips
    • Montreal
    • Niagara & Toronto
  4. Panama – Panama, Chiriqui & Bocas del Toro
  5. El Salvador – Cojutepeque
  6. Germany – Kaiserslautern
  7. Ireland – Dublin, Cashel & Dingle
  8. Scotland – Glasgow, Edinburgh & the Highlands
  9. England – London
  10. Israel – Dead Sea, Tel Aviv & many more!
  11. Vietnam – Phu Quoc Island, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang (and Hoi An), Hanoi & Ha Long Bay
  12. Cambodia – Siem Reap & Angkor Wat
  13. Thailand – Phuket & Bangkok
  14. India – Kochi (and Ernakulam), Cherpulassery, Chennai (and Mahabalipuram), Delhi, Agra & Jaipur
  15. Nepal – Kathmandu

Check out my International Travel page for more details and maybe I’ll be able to retroactively compile some pictures and in-depth writeups on some of these trips!


I wish I had done more traveling within the US. I’m not exactly a big city guy, so my ideal way of exploring the country these days is by hiking it! Beaches are great, historic sites are cool, and some cities are absolute gems. Highlights only!

  1. Puerto Rico – San Juan
  2. Arizona – Grand Canyon & Historic Native American Sites
  3. Florida – Orlando: Universal and Disney World
  4. North Carolina – Asheville
  5. Georgia – Griffin
  6. Tennessee – Two separate trips
    • Nashville
    • Gatlinburg
  7. South Carolina – Charleston
  8. New Hampshire – Mt Monadnock
  9. Massachusetts – Cape Cod
  10. California – Los Angeles
  11. Colorado – Denver, Colorado Springs & Various Skiing Destinations
  12. Texas – Dallas/Plano
  13. Delaware – Rehoboth & Bethany
  14. Maine – Portland
  15. Virginia – Lots!

Compared with international travel, I have even fewer pictures of these adventures. Nevertheless I’ll try to compile a few details about each trip on my domestic travel page! I would highly recommend checking out my hike write-ups as well, as I’m putting a lot of effort into staying on top of taking pictures and adding them to the site!

If you have any questions or want details on any of these trips that I haven’t posted yet, feel free to reach out to me by email at contact@thebrandofben.com or by filling out the contact form!