Breakfast Burritos

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Kinda fugly, but absolutely delicious!

The best way to start the day. These things are good hot or cold and easy to eat on the go. They’re also cheap, easy to make, and with 19g fat, 40g carbs, and 39g protein, they certainly have enough calories to keep you going through the day. And did I mention they taste AMAZING?


  • 8 large tortillas
  • 2 dozen large eggs
  • 1.5 lbs bacon
  • 2 cups shredded cheese
  • 1/4 cup sriracha

For a detailed breakdown on costs, nutrition, and the brands I use, check out this spreadsheet. For me, these burritos came out at $1.72 a piece, with 19g fat, 40g carbs, and 39g of protein providing 515 calories.


First, I slice up the bacon into half inch pieces. Then, I put it in a large skillet on medium heat and let it cook until a LOT of the fat renders and most of the moisture is gone. Unlike cooking strips of bacon to eat straight off the stove, these can end up being small and crispy and still bring a full flavor game to the burritos. This is a fairly hands off process and only needs to be occasionally stirred in order to encourage even cooking and prevent burning. It’s a great time to get started on other cooking or cleaning! Next, I drain the fat. Don’t pour your grease down the drain! Because bacon fat solidifies at room temp, it will do so in your pipes or city pipes and cause long-term damage. Instead, I pour the grease into a mug, let it solidify, then scrape the solids into my trash can. By weighing this mug before and after I add the bacon fat, I’m able to use this little calculator to more accurately measure the amount of fat I have in each burrito!

Next, I crack the eggs straight into the pan with the drained bacon. All 24 of them! After this, I break all the yolks and try to keep everything moving. I pay particular attention to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan and burns. After all the eggs have cooked and mixed with the bacon, I turn off the stove, add in the shredded cheese and sriracha and mix everything together while it’s still hot enough to melt.

After waiting for the mixture to cool, I portion it into eight sections in the pan, much like cutting a pizza. Each of these I scoop out onto a waiting tortilla, wrap it up burrito style, and store it. If I’m going to eat them on the go, I’ll wrap each one in aluminum foil. Otherwise, they keep perfectly well for the week in tupperware.

Now you’ve got yourself some delicious breakfast burritos!

All packaged up for the week!


Before any real substitutions, consider looking at some additions! By making or buying some guac on the side, you can mix it up through the week. Various types of salsa are also a great addition to a breakfast burrito. I wouldn’t recommend packing these inside the burrito, as it may sog the tortilla and guacamole will certainly lose its bright green color.

You can also add all sorts of veggies! I’m not sure if potatoes count as a healthy addition, but mixing in some home fries or hash browns would be delicious and cheap. You could mix in raw spinach, bell peppers of any color, onions cooked or raw, black or pinto beans, or get some delicious brightness and color with cilantro.

Now on to the real substitutions!

The easiest one is substituting bacon for another protein, like sausage or ham. You can also use a lot less bacon and get a great burrito, but I prioritize more bacon over just about anything, including saving money or my personal health. The only substitution I won’t endorse is turkey bacon.

Another easy substitution is swapping out the tortilla for another edible food container. Pitas can be a great option, as can other forms of wraps that boast high fiber or low calorie counts. One option I haven’t tried but I’ve heard good things about are these homemade plantain tortillas.


Let me know what I missed in the recipe, or if you have any questions! I welcome suggestions or criticism, and I’d love to hear if you tried this recipe and what you thought of it. You can let me know by email at or by filling out the online contact form.