This is the page where I’m going to put some of my recipes! Mostly meal prep style. My home cooking philosophy focuses on a few essentials:

  • Cheap, wholesome, simple ingredients
  • Protein-centric
  • Keep through the week
  • Really god damn tasty

So towards that end I have a few recipes that I’ve adapted which I absolutely love. I’ll post up some info about them as I make them week-by-week, but if there’s one that stands out that you need to see ASAP, drop me an email or fill out the contact form and I’ll move it to the front of the queue.

As you read through these recipes, remember the veggies or carbs or proteins or sauces can be easily substituted! Broccoli, asparagus, and green beans all come in with different flavors and price points that might be preferable. Rice can be switched out for potatoes or yams, or use bread and make a sandwich out of the recipe! Or leave them out altogether. Don’t like ranch? How about a tzatziki sauce or a balsamic vinaigrette instead? Get creative! Make it your own. If you find a combo that works just perfectly, be sure to let me know. I’d love to try it.

  1. Chicken Shawarma Bowls
    • Start with cubed chicken breasts, seasoned and cooked to perfection. Add in sweet potatoes and asparagus roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I mix together a side dipping sauce with garlic and tahini (basically the sesame seed equivalent of peanut butter) in Greek yogurt. All this goes on a bed of farro, and I top it with feta and pickled red onions.
  2. Korean Beef Bowls
    • One of my favorites. Loads of freshly ground 88% lean beef get browned and then seasoned with ginger, soy, sesame oil, a touch of brown sugar, and the hero of meal prep: garlic. Throw in some sliced green onion and sriracha to give it some heat and color, and you have a delicious protein to build the rest of the meal around. The veggie for this one is sauteed garlic spinach, which is about as simple as it sounds. This goes perfectly with a portion of white rice. To round out the meal I add a soft boiled egg, which I like to cook very runny so the yolk has just begun to set. Overall, this meal is as delicious, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing as they come.
  3. Chicken Caesar Spaghetti Squash Bake
    • With the right caesar dressing, this is an awesome low-carb option that can be adapted to fit many restrictive diets. Sliced chicken thighs, kale, and spinach are mixed into spaghetti squash then topped with mozzarella before tossing things back into the oven and letting those flavors work themselves together.
  4. Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli
    • Need I say more? Maybe a little. Don’t fall for the sentiment that it has to be chicken breasts and steamed broccoli. Try some bbq-inspired thighs with cilantro-lime rice and roasted broccoli.
  5. Steak, Green Beans, Potatoes
    • When you want to keep it simple, but you’re sick of chicken, rice and broccoli. Throw a low-fat cut of beef under the broiler after marinating overnight. Saute green beans in butter & garlic or Italian dressing. Potatoes can be mashed or matchsticked and roasted.
  6. Greek Chicken Salad
    • Resembling a classic chicken salad, this meal gets stuffed in pita pockets or put in a sandwich when you’re ready to eat. It also goes great by itself! Shredded rotisserie chicken, diced cucumber, onion, halved cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, and (optional) olives get mixed together in a simple Greek yogurt tzatziki.
  7. Breakfast Burritos
    • A classic, portable, delicious meal that shouldn’t be reserved just for your mornings! Rolled up in a big, soft tortilla are eggs, bacon (or sausage), melty shredded cheese, and sriracha. Can’t go wrong with this. Liven it up with some guacamole on the side! Read the recipe here!
  8. Lasagna
    • The only excuse I’ve found recently to break out my pasta roller! Layer one: fresh pasta. Layer two: meat sauce with tomato base, shredded carrots, onions, zucchini, and serious quantities of beef, plus Italian-inspired seasoning. Layer three: mozzarella. Simple, classic, and for a hearty Italian dish, surprisingly not-too-heavy.

Making Bread at Home

This recipe results in easy, crusty, delicious, gourmet quality bread that you can make right at home. Check out how me and my starter, Danny Doughvito, team up to make a perfect loaf. Read More Here!