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The Gist

I have the knowledge, ability, and motivation to make a positive impact in the community. I want to make a difference in a way that I haven’t seen attempted before. I have a passion for fitness, nutrition, and cooking that I would love to be able to share with the world, and particularly with members of the community who lack access to the resources or knowledge on how to do it themselves. This holds the potential to help people in the community feel better, function better, save money, and be healthier. For the rest of their lives.

My Vision

I’m going to make a little video on this just as soon as I can! I feel very strongly about this and I think my excitement will come through much more strongly through that medium. Check back soon for the video!

The process as I see it now:

1. Nominate a Community Member in Need

Maybe it’s a mother with five kids who doesn’t have a way to get to the grocery store, a student-athlete whose parents aren’t cooking healthy options to help reach their potential, or a young professional working their way out of debt who is just realizing they don’t know how to cook and take care of their body. These examples, and many more besides, could benefit for the rest of their lives through what I have in mind: connecting these people to the resources they need to get to the store, or purchase healthy options, or just learn some of the principles of healthy shopping, cooking, and eating.

I don’t want these examples to narrow the scope of who could be considered a community member in need, but rather to broaden it. Think carefully about who may be in need based on their mental, physical, or financial health. If you’re unsure, start the conversation and we might be able to figure something out!

If you can think of a member of the community who may benefit through this process, please send an email to nominate@thebrandofben.com, nominate them by filling out this online form, or have them reach out to me directly. If nominating somebody, please be sure to give me a way to get in touch with them! I also look for potential nominees by talking to local churches, schools, and youth groups.

Once a community member is nominated, I work with them to create a sponsorship profile. This may include items, costs, or services associated with their needs which myself and the community will help connect them to.

Maybe a community member needs a new pair of cleats, or they don’t have a stove at home so they need a hot plate. Maybe they don’t have a way to get to the grocery store, or no way to pay for food once they’re there. A sponsor may be able to help by donating a bike, or a stainless steel skillet, or giving somebody a ride to the store once a week.

Similar to the nominations, I want these examples to broaden what you may think of as sponsoring and supporting our community. You may be able to help in unexpected ways! If you can think of a way that you or others could sponsor members of the community, please send me an email at sponsor@thebrandofben.com or fill out the contact form. Right now, the common ways of sponsoring nominees are:

  • Donating money – This is a low-hassle way to connect community-members in need of help to the resources they require.
  • Donating goods – A nominee may need a knife and cutting board to be able to cook feasibly, or a bike and pump to get to practice and the grocery store, or a winter jacket to stay warm. A donation of new or used goods can make a difference in somebody’s life. Here are the best ways to donate goods:
    • Shipping an online order to a nominee – This is a great and easy way to make a donation to a nominee. It has the convenience of an online order, but the personal touch of giving a gift yourself. In order to protect privacy, the order may have to be shipped to myself or a PO box.
    • Giving new or used goods in person – If you’re local and available, this can be a great way to see the impact you’re having and to know exactly the quality and history of the item you’re donating.
  • Donating services – A nominee might need a ride to the library or back home on a rainy day, or perhaps they need access to a kitchen and equipment on occasion. Maybe you can provide them with mentoring or an industry-specific service.

Any and all contributions make a difference. If you’re willing to sponsor a community member or if you have any insights on this process, please fill out the sponsor form, make a donation, and/or send me an email at sponsor@thebrandofben.com.

3. Sharing this Opportunity

Another great way to support our community, and this cause, is by sharing this information with others who may be able to nominate or sponsor members of the community. Please consider using the links below to share on social media:

Or you can copy this link to this community page and share it as you see fit: https://www.thebrandofben.com/community.

Thanks for reading and please consider sending any feedback to me at feedback@thebrandofben.com or via the contact form!