Making Bread at Home

This recipe results in easy, crusty, delicious, gourmet quality bread that you can make right at home. Check out how me and my starter, Danny Doughvito, team up to make a perfect loaf. Read More Here!

Breakfast Burritos

This meal option is great for any time of day, don’t let its name fool you. This cheap, easy option tastes great and keeps well. Packed full of bacon, egg, and cheese but the fillings are only limited by your imagination. See the recipe here!

The Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror!

I went way out of my comfort zone with this engineering, construction, design, and programming project! Check out the process and see if you want to try. Read More

My Periodized, Progressive-Overload Training Program

I designed this training framework to be adaptable to anybody’s needs! Based on simple core principles, you can get workout goals for the next month in your browser in a snap. Read More

3 Days Backpacking out of Rockfish Gap

Pat took a long weekend! Here are the adventures we went on in Shenandoah National Park and how we went about them. Read More

The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

A quick writeup about my favorite book. It’s hard to write about it without getting carried away with speculation and spoilers! I also include a gallery about how I rebound a copy of the book in leather. Read More

Three Awesome Days (and Hikes) in Gatlinburg, TN

From the serious verticality of climbing Mt LeConte, to a chill (pun intended) hike up to Rainbow Falls, and conquering Old Settlers Trail in an afternoon. This was a weekend to remember. Read More

Mary’s Rock Loop from 211

Check out this awesome 9.9-mile loop in Thornton Gap with unreal views. Check out the write-up of my adventure with Pat! Read More

Starting a Website

This is a brief description of how I got my website up and running! From no formal programming experience to creating and administrating my own website. Read More