Hi, I’m Ben! I created this website as a platform to share my interests, establish the infrastructure for a community-oriented side-business, promote myself, and hopefully make a difference.


The Brand

This website, company, and brand are summed up nicely by the site’s tagline: Creating a Personal Brand for the World to See. It’s difficult to express and summarize my values succinctly, but I feel it’s important to do so in order to (1) give the brand an identity, (2) align the internal decision making process, and (3) drive the business strategy. All these factors must contribute in some way to create a coherent and cohesive means of providing value to those it will impact directly: the contributors/sponsors, the local community, and lastly me. The actions and philosophies of the brand also need to account for the larger influence that all actions can have politically, financially, and ecologically.

That being said, these are some of the principles that are important to me, which will drive the positioning of the brand and, hopefully, become evident in everything that comes out of this organization:

  • Transparency: There is no end to the problems caused by information asymmetry. I believe that I can create a value proposition that is completely understandable and beneficial to all of the stakeholders: the sponsors, the community, and me.
  • Sustainability: What an imprecise term! For example, single-use plastic shopping bags may be a financially sustainable practice for stores and customers, but it is not considered sustainable ecologically. My goal is to narrow any gaps between financial and ecological sustainability, although I recognize priorities must be chosen on a case-by-case basis.
  • Innovation: This is more of a mindset than a principle. In order to execute a system based on inclusion of all community members and needs, it requires adaptability and versatility in problem solving. Innovation lies at the heart of being willing and able to personalize solutions for those in need and those who want to help.
  • Simplicity: Simple is focused. I hope to achieve clarity, consistency, and quality by maintaining simplicity in goals and processes. By emphasizing simplicity, consumption and waste will be minimized while also reducing complication and clutter. The essential goals of this brand should be apparent in all of its actions: giving back to the community by utilizing my passion and my proficiencies.

About the Name

‘The Brand of Ben, LLC.’ This name isn’t designed to be highly marketable or profitable. It doesn’t have a recognizability that makes it feasible for marketing or for an enterprise. It represents my accountability for what I’m doing. I want my name and face on my company and everything it does because I want to maintain the highest standards.